Donations with matched funding

ALERT: Local Giving's 2018 matched funding campaign is now closed. Hopefully another will open in 2019.

 This is a great way to donate. It means that we may receive additional funds from Local Giving based on what you give. It requires a bit of on-line form filling but we hope you think it’s worth that effort. It does involve making a payment or setting up a direct debit on-line so if you don’t like making payments this way then we hope you will choose one of the other ways to make a donation to KCRS.


KCRS is registered with an organisation called Local Giving. Local Giving finds major donors to support its matched funding campaigns. When they have obtained sufficient funding they tell us that a matched funding opportunity is about to start. We then tell you that it’s time to act and Local Giving match whatever you decide to give – in whole or in part according to the amount of money they have raised and the rules they set for their matched funding campaign. If you are a UK tax payer then Local Giving can also manage the collection of Gift Aid from the UK government, an additional extra to accompany your donation.


When we know that a matched funding campaign is about to start we will publicise the starting date and time. You connect to the KINGSTON COMMUNITY REFUGEE SPONSORSHIP page on the LOCAL GIVING website as soon as possible after the campaign starts and click on the donate button there. (The fund available in the 2018 campaign were fully allocated by the end of the first day of the campaign so please make your donation as soon as possible after the start time.)

You will be asked to give an email address – so that you get a receipt, and also your name. You will be invited to register / login with Local Giving as a KCRS supporter and asked for the details of your donation.

You will also be asked whether you want to claim Gift Aid. Gift Aid is a system by which the UK tax authority diverts part of your income tax to the designated charity (KCRS). If you are a UK tax payer then claiming Gift Aid means that the government adds 25% to whatever you have donated. Claiming Gift Aid requires that you give your name and address so that Local Giving can pass this information to the tax authority.