What is Community Sponsorship?

It’s based on a successful Canadian model, in which community groups accept major responsibility for sponsoring and resettling a refugee family into a local area. Backed by a government initiative, the local community group raises the necessary funds and is hands-on in helping the family settle in the community, learn English and find work.

Find out more here:  Summary of Community Refugee Sponsorship

Why go for Community Sponsorship?

The Canadian experience shows that Community Sponsorship leads to faster settling in and integration of refugee families. Several faith communities working together in our borough have set up a charitable organisation, Kingston Community Refugee Sponsorship (KCRS), to make this happen in our area.

What is involved in community sponsorship?

Kingston Borough Council and the Home Office approve sponsor organisations and their proposals. The sponsor locates suitable housing and tops up the rent payments if they exceed the local housing benefit rate, for two years. The Home Office and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees match a family up with the available accommodation. The Sponsor provides formal resettlement support for one year, and possibly for longer on an informal basis.

KCRS will collaborate with Refugee Action Kingston, which has in-depth expertise in helping refugees and asylum seekers.

How can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers. Check out here for our current posting.

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